the middle of this century, digital villages will be compl

pletely built nationwide to advance rural revitalization. To fulfill such targets, the country will accelerate the construction of IT infr astructures in rural areas, upgrading rural internet facilities and information services. More efforts will be made to boost the rural digital economy, with wider use of digital technolo gies in agriculture and the development of […]

China announces new tariffs on US goodsday that it wil

China said late on Monday that it will increase tariffs on the bulk of $60 billion of US imports to three categories of rates between 10% and 25%. For the rest of the $60 billion US imports, the duty rate will remains at 5 percent. The tariffs will hit around 5,000 products and will take […]

The 20-year-old said she first learned about the history

The volunteer team-led by Wu Liangliang, a security guard who has gained online fame for his fluent self-taught En glish-has also been part of the site’s efforts to provide a more personal management style, in addition to the city go vernment’s introduction of various measures, including a mobile app, to help tourists. Larry Goodrich, from […]

But no Australian government has used such kind

of talk since 1972. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said his government is “ab solutely committed to the long-term constructive partnership with China based on shared values, esp ecially mutual respect”. And Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has said: “Preemptively framing China as a stra tegic threat isn’t a sufficient response to its role […]

Those wounded were taken to Palomar Medical Cent

 in Escondido. Their conditions have not been disclosed so far. A spokesperson for Palomar Medical Center confirmed they received four patients, declining to give any more details. The synagogue was hosting a Passover holiday celebratio n at 11 a.m. on Saturday, according to a post on its Facebook page. A large group of congregants had […]

BRI winning hearts and minds in Azerbaijanative to

“The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 has touc hed the hearts of the Azerbaijani people, as the restoration of the ancient Silk Road i s for the benefit of the entire world, and the development and prosperity of all countries,” Hajiyev said. “The Belt and Road Initiative is not […]

Ma said priority would be given to young stude

nts, and health departments would assist schools in measures such as in creasing outdoor activities, as well as reducing electronic device use and homework. Health departments will also carry out a special monitoring program on the eyesight of school-age children and allocate more resources to the eyesight examinations, and counselling services, he said. Education departments […]

The water cannon on the vehicles can spray water up t

Experts said that injuries to firefighters are mainly caused by close contact with flames or explos ions, or by buildings collapsing as they enter a scene that fire engines have difficulty accessing. Russia and Germany have also transformed old tanks into firefighting vehicles. China’s poverty-relief achievements have contributed more than 70 percent to global pover […]

Besides, most of the steel firms in the region still

use blast furnaces that are more polluting than electric furnaces, which res ults in huge energy consumption and pollution discharge burdens, according to Lyu. To better protect the environment, it is not enough to relocate the production capacity f rom one place to another within a province as some local governments have done, he added. […]

Take C919, a narrow-body twinjet airliner developed by

mmercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), for example. At the earliest, COMAC will get the airworth iness certificate for C919 in 2021. Besides, just obtaining the certificate does not reduce even a bit of the difficulty in making and delivering the aircraft. As the history of aircraft manufacturing shows, it is almost impossible for […]