Mired in Brexit deadlock and forced to delay Britain’s M

 March 29 exit from the EU, May’s Conservatives suffered major losses in local election s this month and are trailing in opinion polls before May 23 European Parliament elections. With Labour and Brexit-supporting rebels in the Conservatives p lanning to vote against her deal, it is unlikely to be approved as things stand. Pro-Brexit Conservative […]

Opening up of film market leads to vibrancy

the 22nd film of Marvel Cinematic Universe, has made more than $2 billion globally wit h over $576 million, nearly a third of the total, being contributed by the Chinese market. The percentage of Hollywood films contributing to China’s box office has witnessed a gradual decline in recent years thanks to the rise of successful […]

Government pledges more red tape cuts of items requiri

China will further cut the number of items requiring certificatio n and refine the procedures through institutional inno vation to improve government services and foster a more enabling business environment. The decision was made at the State Council’s executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday. Participants at the meeting agreed that the government’s […]

hina’s growth a source of hope for allong proclaimi

With Chairman Mao Zedong proclaiming the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Oct 1, 1949, the Chinese people began leaving behind a century of colonial humiliation and building a new life. What remains poorly understood by the wider world even seven decades later is how dire were the conditions in China during those […]

Apart from proposing to build a community of shared

future for mankind in his speech at the headquarters of the United Nation s in September 2015, and in his report for the 19th National Congress of the Communist Part y of China in October 2017, Xi has pledged on different occasions to build a peaceful, safe, prosperous, open, incl usive, clean and beautiful world […]

lopment and prosperity, we need to promoEquality

te exchanges among civilizations and dialogues based on harmony in diversity and inclusiveness. We need to undertake the cultural responsibility of int ernational communicators, and let exchanges of culture and among civilizations, as well as mutual learning, con stantly serve as bridges for people’s friendship, the impetus of international cooperation and bond of world peace. […]

Xi’s speech on opening-up is well receivedpolicies

President lays out proposals to encourage foreign investment, guarantee fair competition The measures that President Xi Jinping recently proposed to encourage foreign investment and further opening-up in Ch ina are welcome developments that address the international community’s concerns, according to experts. “The promises made are very positive, and all of them are helpful,” William Over […]

When he took up residence inside the Ecuadorian Em

mbassy in 2012, it was to avoid answering the sexual allegations against him in Sweden, which had sought his extraditi on for questioning. He also sought refuge because of fears he would ultimately be extradited to the US Swedish prosecutors opened an investigation into Assange af ter two women accused him of sexual offenses during […]

Besides the successful capture of the first black

k hole image, two earlier detections of gravitational waves from black hole mergers also were products of international collaboration. In February 2016, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in the United States announ ced the first observation of gravitational waves generated by a black hole merger. The following June, it annou nced the second detection of […]

sees big growth in Marcha supermarket in Lianyungang

China’s consumer price index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, rose 2.3 p ercent year-on-year in March, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Thursday. The increase was up from 1.5 percent in February. Food prices climbed 4.1 percent year-on-year in March, up from 0.7 perc ent in February, yet on a month-on-month basis food […]